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     Named Minneapolis Eater’s Best Bartender of 2013, Oskey has been in the business for years, honing his skills as a mixologist across the country, bartending at The Strip Club, bar managing at Hola Arepa, and co-founding Joia Soda and Easy & Oskey Bitters Kits. Oskey implemented and engineered the cocktail tap system at The Strip Club, something he brought to Tattersall. “We have four cocktails on tap which are really cool. We try to keep it seasonal, we take stuff off, move them in and out,” explains Kreidler. Tattersall has also made their way into the retail industry. “We’re probably in 80-90 liquor stores, some other bars and restaurants. We’re pushing it hard, so far so good!”

     As if the great drinks weren’t enough, the décor at Tattersall is unique and inviting. “[Having original pieces makes it] feel like this place has been here for a long time, that mix of industrial and classic,” says Kreidler. “It’s a cocktail lounge, it’s high end. What we’re doing is different than a taproom, so we wanted to give that feel. There’s a lot of cool details. The lines on the wall are deconstructed Tattersall stripes in the background, it’s subtle. We play it up, but not too in your face.” An essential part of Tattersall’s ornamentation? A glamorous, oversized, crystal chandelier with etched mirrors and 36 candles from Architectural Antiques. “It’s crazy how many people take pictures of that light, especially at night when it’s glowing.” 

     Behind the chandelier is an antique, quarter sawn oak, lion adorned, English arts and craft style fireplace mantel, also from Architectural Antiques, which was seamlessly installed at the back of the bar. With an intriguing Rorschach-esque background, the mantel is the perfect fit for Tattersall to house their many bottles and barrels, staying functional and visually impressive at the same time.   


Architectural Antiques has long been a resource point for local businesses looking to create a unique space using antiques. One such business is Tattersall Distilling, who used two unique products from Architectural Antiques in their new cocktail room: a glamorous oversized chandelier and an English arts and craft style mantel.



We wanted to highlight Tattersall Distilling’s use of Architectural Antique’s products and show the unique design effects that antiques can produce. I spoke with one of the co-founders of Tattersall and photographed their cocktail room. Using our taped interview, additional research, and photographs I took on site, I wrote an article about Tattersall and how they’ve used antique elements in their otherwise modern space. 



Became one of Architectural Antique’s most successful Tumblr posts. 








                      estled away in Northeast Minneapolis, Tattersall Distilling is a one of a kind drinking experience that mixes modern style with antique elements. “When we first saw the space, we didn’t like it because it’s too hidden. It wasn’t until we saw Bauhaus that we realized that people will find you. Bauhaus is tricky to get to, then you find it and it’s like the seas part, so we knew it would work. It gives it this exclusivity almost, people dig it. It’s like an old speakeasy. People find it and they feel like they’re in on a secret,” says co-founder Jon Kreidler. It’s not just Tattersall’s aura of exclusivity that makes it feel special. Tattersall lives on historic ground: the Thorp building they reside in was used in WWII to secretly produce classified military machinery. Two guard towers used by FBI and CIA agents still survive on the property. 



     Tattersall does well to live up to the uniqueness of its building. Launched in 2015 along with Kreidler’s childhood friend, Dan Oskey, Tattersall makes everything it serves. “Everything in the glass is made in house. Juices, bitters, tonics, ginger beers, syrups…everything is in house.” State law requires cocktail rooms to make everything they serve on site, an undertaking that would seem huge to some, but Oskey is a pro.


     If you’re looking for a unique drink spot with character and class in Minneapolis, Tattersall Distilling is the place to go. 

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